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Cape Town

Cape Town - the mother city of South Africa

This is how Cape Town is known in numerous travel brochures. Then follows a long list of all the attractions of this city, e.g. the table cloth over Table Mountain, the golden beaches of the cold Atlantic or warmer Indian Ocean, the beautiful wine estates, nature reserves etc.

It is said that this city is the most beautiful in the world. With all the attractions, the vibrant life and the mixture of Europe and Africa, tradition and modern side this is probably so.

Of course, one cannot hide big problems that this city has. To name but a few:
- The big difference between very poor and very rich
- The high crime rate, drugs and poverty (please check travel tips from the Embassies)
- The very high AIDS infection rate (the government has only started to take this problem seriously and began to apply a strategy)

Cape Town also has a big diversity of Christian and non-Christian religious communities who live peacefully with each other, a true sign of the joy of God with not only nature but also with human culture and religion. We Capetonians are proud of our multicultural society.


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