Outreach projects

Social Project HOPE

HOPE Cape Town is a non-profit organisation and was founded in October 2001. HOPE Cape Town supports its activities through fundraising with individuals, organisations and foreign governments both in South Africa and abroad. Strong, enduring partnerships are the mainstay of HOPE Cape Town.

The HOPE Community Health Worker (HCHW) is the core of HOPE Cape Town’s activities. The HCHW lives in the community where she or he works and is chosen for their people skills, maturity, energy and commitment. The HCHW also assists and with home visits, food parcels, sourcing welfare and support services, advice or on-going interest. In the chronically under-staffed clinics, the HCHW is a dependable and responsible member of the clinic team. HOPE Cape Town currently employs 23 Community Health Workers, each with a three-year sponsorship. The Health Care Workers are currently working in 19 clinics located around Cape Town, Paarl, Grabouw and Hermanus.

HOPE Cape Town is involved in many activities and some of these are the following:

  • E-learning project:
    This is aimed at constantly updating the knowledge of HCHW so they are better able to serve the clients they see in the clinics.
  • Ithemba Paediatric Ward for Infectious Diseases at Tygerberg Children’s Hospital:
    Provides treatment, care and education to children affected by HIV & AIDS in a friendly and family focussed environment.
  • HOPE Cape Town for the communities
    Provide a vital resource in the chronically understaffed clinic environment in the underprivileged areas in and around the Western Cape.
  • The Nutrition Project
    Provides information on healthy nutrition to people living with HIV and AIDS, especially focussing on mothers with their babies.
  • HOPE Cape Town and Traditional Healers
    HOPE Cape Town is trying to form a co-operation between traditional healing methods and the westernbiomedical approach to promote mutual respect and co-operation in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

For more information please visit us on our home-page www.hopecapetown.com

Social Project Manenberg

The Manenberg Aftercare Center was created during the 2010 Football World Cup by Father Wim Lindeque, the former Catholic priest in Manenberg, and other committed people to help children who did not receive school meals because of World Cup-related holidays.

It soon became clear that it was also urgently necessary to promote the intellectual and social development of the children.

Thus, groups for sports, music, dance and homework were launched. For many children it is the only place where they receive warmth, affection and help. About 200 children participate in the project. It is wonderful to see how the children are blossoming and hope starts to grow within them.

Together with the Catholic Foreign Secretariat in Bonn, we support the project in partnership with regular collectors and donations.


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