Vision & Mission

Mission & Vission

Mission Statement of the Catholic Pastoral Care Abroad

We, the German Speaking Catholic Community of Cape Town, cater for the german speaking catholics of the Cape Peninsula.

There are various groups:

Emigrants: who are permanently living in South Africa; some of them are married to South Africans and others are already here for several generations.

Expats: working for Embassies, Industries, NGO’s and Schools. They are usually contracted for a certain period of time.


Social programs


Pensioners: usually live here either the whole year or during the local summer.

Tourists: who come for a few weeks or months to enjoy the beauty of South Africa. There are also young people who come to work as volunteers for various institutions to gain experiences.

In the time of globalisation there is an ever growing number of people who want to experience living abroad for a few years. Very often they are accompanied by their families. Although open for new experiences, the desire to be integrated is not so strong as they know that their time here is limited. This obviously influences their religious practices and to pray in a foreign language is not so easy.

For all these people we would like to be a community, that is welcoming and assists in the intergration process; even though there are different expectations.


Communities offer support


People who live in South Africa would like to participate in the new culture of that country. Some choose a local partner and might therefore prefer closer relations to their local church. Quite a few however, would want to celebrate their cultural origins and therefore prefer to be part of the German-speaking local community.

In this context the German-speaking pastoral care has a very special responsibility: We aim to give these practicing Christians a spiritual home. As in any other catholic community –  members can receive the sacraments: Children can be baptised, receive First Holy Communion and Confirmation. The most important part however, is that they can experience community life. We also celebrate traditional & cultural customs, i.e. intercultural music concerts, Saint Martin, etc.

We also realize our social responsibilities in the ecumenical & social outreach programs as seen on the website.


Open-minded congregations

About us

The German-speaking Catholic community of the Cape Peninsula is the community for all German-speaking Catholics (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Namibia) and their families who live in the Archdiocese of Cape Town. Therefore, many South African citizens are also part of our community.