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The St. Martini community in Cape Town was founded 155 years ago by German immigrants. Society, culture, and social fabric have changed fundamentally since then, and our community faces new challenges.

Our work in Cape Town means mission and social work among German-speaking children, young people, adults and seniors. Our church and the community center are centrally located in the city center. The community currently has 638 registered members scattered all over Cape Town.

We are particularly concerned with the more than 20,000 German-speaking people of our city who have lost contact with the Church or have never yet found it. We want to encourage them to believe in Jesus Christ and help them find a home in our church.


Das ev. Gemeindezentrum und Kirche:

240  Long Street, Kapstadt
Pastor: Claudia Nolte-Schamm


Das Gemeindebüro:

Tel. 021 423 5947

Fax. 021 423 2529
Di-Fr 09:30 - 13:00

About us

The German-speaking Catholic community of the Cape Peninsula is the community for all German-speaking Catholics (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Namibia) and their families who live in the Archdiocese of Cape Town. Therefore, many South African citizens are also part of our community.