Our ecumenical efforts do not mean that we are trying to get back the non-Catholic Christians into our church, but rather to have a good relationship in the greater family of God. Joint events, talks or services are already in place.

God likes variety. We observe this in nature: An enormous variety of plants or animals, and also the variety of human races, cultures and languages. Why should it be different in religion?

Our Lutheran German-Speaking partner-community is St. Martini in Long Street. This year, 2017, they are celebrating 500th reformation.

Our Christmas carol service in Advent is a joint celebration each year.

Pastor Claudia Nolte Schamm and the Pastoral Worker Mrs Petra Schindler have agreed to increase our ecumenical efforts. We invite interested people to join the monthly held ecumenical educational talk, the regular Taizé prayers and other published activities.

About us

The German-speaking Catholic community of the Cape Peninsula is the community for all German-speaking Catholics (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Namibia) and their families who live in the Archdiocese of Cape Town. Therefore, many South African citizens are also part of our community.